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Thread: I am new :D

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    Default I am new :D

    I have bought a new pc like one week ago and I always wanted to do some cool videos of games wich I am playing, to edit it, some effects and few words on the scree. I found an example wich I like very much, I would like you to tell me what program is that user, using to edit that, and maybe a recording program for HD videos.

    My pc was made for gaming and for low budget, i3 3.1ghz processor and 1gb gddr5 msi geforce gtx 460 gpu.

    If this is not the right section to post please notify me where you move it via PM. Thanks.

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    Hey Mastermates!

    Congrats on the new pc!

    Sounds like you’re wanting to do a screen record.

    The best software that I know of for pc is called Camtasia. You can download a trial here:
    Camtasia even let’s you edit your screen capture. A nice feature.

    There are a few free screen recording apps out there, but I’m not sure what kind of quality they’re going to give you.

    Screen recording apps will allow you to record a video file (avi, mov, mp4, etc) of whatever is on your pc screen. You can capture the video and audio (great for capturing gameplay).

    You then can take a simple editor, Windows Movie Maker will work fine for simple editing.

    The editor used in the video you posted appears to be something simple. My guess is Movie Maker.

    Once you’re in your editor you can add music, narration, whatever. Then edit out any boring content (loading screens in games, etc), add titles, then export it to the web.

    Another note: during a screen record of a game, this can really bog down the game’s performance and you’ll be getting low frame rates. This is caused with the extra processing of capturing 30 frames a sec, while rendering your 3d game in real-time. So you may have to lower your quality settings during your screen record to maintain at least 30 fps of your gameplay.

    That’s just a basic overview.

    Let me know of you have any other questions.

    Hope that helped!


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    You can be sure that it helped me. But at the moment the game which i`m planning to record on it`s offline (some big updates, dunno) and I can`t try it right now.

    Are you sure Movie Maker got all of those effects? For example that cool writing or the "page turn" ? It seems pretty complicate.

    I don`t have to worry about fps, it works really great everytime, about 200 fps.

    Thanks for your help and I will try to record something as soon as the game comes back online.

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    Ah, I see.

    I'm not sure what effects Movie Maker has. I'm sure it has the "page turn" effect... I'd be surprised if it didn't.

    I use Adobe Premiere 5.5. I've been using Premiere for 12 years now. I love their software!

    Happy gaming!


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    If Movie Maker doesn`t suits my need I will try Adobe Premiere too.


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