Hi All,

I'm about to start shooting, editing, and creating my own range of magic DVD's. All magic DVD's on the market throughout the world are set to WorldWide Compatible, and not just a region like 2 or 1 etc.

My question is what is the step by step procedure for doing this?

I've heard rumours that it's better if shot in ntfs as ntfs plays on pal but not the other way around or something like that... but I am a beginner so please explain in easy language!

I have a cameraman and editor but he's not come across this worldwide thing.

I have a Sony HVR-V1E Pal camcorder.

I know that DVD Shrink can run a DVD through it and make it worldwide region free, but there must be a better way of doing it from the start, making sure I lose no quality, and the same if we decide to do this in Blu-Ray.

I am using Final Cut, now possibly X, and DVD Author Studio 4 on a macbook pro.

Many Thanks for your help.

All the best
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