I'm looking for a video editing program that does batch processing. (Batch Processing in the sense that one can apply an effect to multiple imported videos at once. Particularly I'm looking to save hundreds of video files at different playback speeds.

Thus, I came across Blaze Media Pro that claims to do batch processing and control playback speed.

However, when I downloaded the free version not only did I fail to figure out how to change and save a video clip at a different playback speed--I know that there's an increase/decrease playback button under 'Playback' but the are only able to be pressed when the video is playing it appears and even then nothing seems to happen--but the "Video Batch Processing" option under "More Video Options" doesn't exist.

My questions are:
Are these limitations because of some lack of knowledge on my part, or is it because the trial version isn't actually fully functional?

If so, can I get what I want, a video editing program that save multiple files at different playback speeds, if I buy the full version?

If not, does anyone know of a different program that does this?