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Thread: Rebbeca Black ops -parody

  1. Wink Rebbeca Black ops -parody

    Check it out! made a funny parody using call of duty black ops....Video is becoming pretty big for our channel

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    i liked it. Was very funny. I play with a LARGE group (alteriw) who plays mw2 so i posted this on their forums.... cant wait to see the troll.


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    Well it was ok, a couple of black frames in there towards the beginning which is just poor editing. Although I don't play this game so maybe some of the humour is lost on me, I don't know.

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    Thanks for 1st comment and thanks for the help, answer number 2 lol

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    have to give this points for being different, well done
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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    ya man that's what we were trying do LOL

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