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Thread: Audio layer editing software

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    Default Audio layer editing software

    Spectral Layers is a Photoshop-like audio editor.
    Accurately analyze, extract and transform any audio datas using layers and tools in a fully visual approach.
    Extract and transform voices, instruments, noises or any kind of sound. Reconstruct, enhance and create new effects and raw materials.

    DIVIDE FRAME: Software solutions for the broadcast industry

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    Looks good Z, have you tried it.

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    Not yet have downloaded trial to check it out, has a Vegas/Premier plug-in

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    I must admit, that demo looks really cool... and it's not all that expensive compared to most audio stuff.

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    had some feedback from a GPU product and found the finished item very buggy, and lack of support, could be different now of course

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    The website suggests that only one of the company's products is available, but the GPU related product with plugins for Vegas and Premiere.
    The 'Spectral Layers' product appears not yet available. I suspect their release will include a standalone application; and plugins for audio (and maybe video) editing packages.

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