I use AE Writer to transfer clips to a PC, and this puts everything in date-order folders. The problem is now, I have so much footage, AE Writer is slow, and its difficult to manage all the data on file (over 0.5TB). The other thing I do is copy the top-level folders off the camera to my Mac, and import to FCP with Log and Transfer (which then converts the clips). This is a kind of workaround to get AVCHD clips into FCP. Problem is, when I want to go back to the original archive on my PC, from FCP, its just too big. To preserve the top-level folders (and whatever it is that FCP needs to see - presumably some sort of index), I'd need to copy over the archive to new folders, and delete all the clips I do not want to import.

I guess I'm looking for a better solution to manage a growing AVCHD archive. Obviously, I try to edit fresh material so I don't have to go back to it, but I have a massive backlog of material as yet unedited. I'd consider switching from FCP, if necessary - but is there a better way?

I use Aperture for photo work (an excellent catalogue), and that can manage AVCHD LIte (I think). That would be the kind of solution I'm after - ideally without having to convert the entire archive.