B Hague & Co Ltd Tracking Systems

The PCS1000 Hague Pro Cam-Slide incorporates the latest Igus Hybrid Roller Bearings running on an Igus WS-16-60 Linear Rail. It is this combination, of roller within the sleeve, that creates easy smooth camera movements far superior to standard sleeve bearings used by other suppliers.

The Pro Cam-Slide is quick and simple to set up, it can be mounted to any sturdy tripod or placed on a table, or the floor for low shots. The carriage is supplied with both 1/4” and 3/8” threaded screws to attach a video head or ball head to the carriage, or you can attach your camera directly to the carriage.

Once the camera is mounted to the carriage you can create super smooth tracking shots as you slide the carriage down the rail. On the side of the carriage is a carriage lock which will hold it in a set position, or the lock can be used to add drag to the carriage if required.

The rail is 1metre long and can be supported in various ways, there are 3/8” and 1/4” threaded mounting holes in the centre and at each end. The track can be mounted directly to a tripod or across two tripods. Two rail supports are also supplied, one for each end of the rail, these support the Pro Cam-Slide when it is used on a table or the floor, and they also prevent the carriage from coming off the end of the rail. The rail supports have 4 self aligning adjustable feet which are ideal when the Cam-Slide is used on uneven ground.

Pro Cam-Slide Kit PCS1000 includes: - 1000mm Rail, Two rail supports, Carriage with lock, plus 3/8” and 1/4” Screws.

THE CARRIAGE is manufactured by Hague using the new Igus DryLin® W Hybrid Roller Bearings. These bearings have a roller bearing incorporated in the housing, plus a sleeve and require no lubrication. It’s this combination that makes the carriage much easier to slide on the rail. On the side of the carriage is a lock which can also be used to add drag when required. On top of the carriage is a mounting plate to attach a video or ball head, or the camera could be fastened directly to this plate. Both 1/4” and 3/8” screws are supplied with the carriage.
Size L115 x W90 x H40mm.
If you are already using the Igus 16-60 Rail you can easily upgrade to the new Hague Pro Carriage, as it can be purchased separately.

THE RAIL is the Igus DryLin® WS 16-60 Double Rail which has been adapted by Hague for video use, adding three sets of mounting holes to accept either 1/4” or 3/8” mounting screws for mounting to a video head or tripod legs. The double rail track is made from hard anodized aluminium.
Rail size 16mm. Rail width 60mm. Rail length 1000mm.

THE RAIL SUPPORTS are manufactured by Hague; they have 4 self aligning adjustable feet and are fastened to the rail at each end by a single hand nut.
Size L250 x W40 x H50 to 120mm.