Being Sold - award-winning, record breaking, star studded comedy feature...

BEING SOLD is a comedy drama shot in a record-breaking two days in location in Manchester. The film stars a host of famous faces alongside new talent including Christopher Dane (Born Of Hope), Lee Boardman (Rome), Jessica Blake (The Butterfly Tattoo), Eva Pope (Waterloo Road), Lesley Joseph (Birds of a Feather), Nicole Barber-Lane (Hollyoaks), Gordon Burns (BBC News), Terry Christian (The Word), Trevor Dwyer-Lynch (Coronation Street), Tim Lovejoy (Soccer AM), Justin Moorhouse (Phoenix Nights), Lucy Porter (Mock The Week), John Thomson (Cold Feet) and Roy Walker (The Chris Moyles Show, Catchphrase).

The film won Best Film and Best Actor (for Christopher Dane) at the London Independent Film Festival 2011.

The film was shot on just 20k, funded my myself and the other producers. As we made the film in a unique way we decided to release it in an innovative way too. We're the first feature film to launch exclusively using Distrify which offers a new way for independent filmmakers to reach and distribute their films through social networks. We launched the film at the Edinburgh Film Festival streaming live on the internet to over a 100 people watching from all over the world. It's now available to watch online at BEING SOLD - The Movie - Watch and Buy Now - Comedy/Drama Feature Film and documentary

We have also released the 1hr documentary for filmmakers "How did they shoot a feature film in two days?" which has candid and detailed interviews specially shot for the documentary with myself (director), DoP, producers and the writer regarding everything from concept through to funding, casting and shooting. It's been described as the best one hour film school for 99p!

BEING SOLD is truly a special example of innovative British independent filmmaking. We've thrown 'the rule book' out on how to make and release film. I hope you'll be able to support it!

Phil Hawkins