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    Hi I am editing MOV Files shot on a Sony FX7 I have converted in Final Cut and the files are all for a music video. I've looked into the film effect and look, but the footage just looks way too clean and far from what you see on TV. For the price of the camera and obviously file sizes/etc I know it has the capability to produce better. I also have adobe after effects cs5 in combination with this, but can anyone tell me on what settings/effects/software I can get to give it a real TV edge and look to the footage?


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    Do I understand that you want to make your image 'worse' ? Maybe you can watch these two turorials, or, inside the iTunes store you search for 'Final Cut Pro - TV Screen Part' , than you will find a three-part tutorial. I hope this is what you mean.
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    Try taking the frame rate down to 29.97 or alittle lower. Desaturate the footage alittle. And try to color correct and a particular look to the footage. Some people say to interlace your footage, but I've never tried or played around with that.

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    look over at Videocopilot site and look at 'twitch'..... a whole bag of tools there for image degradation using AE ....

    it costs - but it's a lot of fun to use.

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    I ran into this same problem I was able to correct it by taking the frame rate down to 24p, and then Desaturate the footage to give it more of a flat look

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