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Thread: Help Installing Plugins on After Effects/Final Cut Pro

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    Default Help Installing Plugins on After Effects/Final Cut Pro

    Hi GUYS,

    I am very new to Final Cut Pro and have just bought final cut pro 7 and after effects cs5.
    I have some plugs in i downloaded from the red site and others, but when I put them in the plugs in final cut or adobe folder they dont seem to show up on after effects.
    I cant find anywhere on the net where u put plug ins for after effects or final cut and installer help. I am obviously stuck with this and am now thinking is adobe cs5 after effects compatible with final cut pro 7? But again I have looked on the net and cudnt find any answers.
    The plugs in I have are all in folders and ive tried dragging these folders seperately to final cut and adobe etc but it doesnt seem to pick them up.

    Could anyone please help me ASAP.


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    put the actual plug in file inside the plugins folder within the Adobe After effects Plugins folder and they will be seen - if they are valid plugins.

    Alternatively some plug ins require you to run an install. If it's not installing correctly then check that you've installed AE correctly ...(usually to the main system drive) and that the installer is looking in the right place for the plugins folder.

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