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Thread: My Haye-Klitschko predictions short video.

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    Default My Haye-Klitschko predictions short video.

    Put together quite quick as the fight is next week.


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    There's 1 change I'd make instantly without hesitation. I'd move your "CJG FILMS" logo to the top left and remove it at the end of the first interview'ee. A second change I'd struggle not to make is also with the first interview. I'd cut out that rough camera framing movement, maybe you have enough of the wider footage to start wide and cut in closer at the end of the question. It's not ideal and there's the Uhmm! etc. moment before he talks, it's a natural resposne and cutting it out or keeping it/part of it in could be tricky. But I have a feeling you know this and opted to keep the camera movement.

    I'm also assuming you never re-shot the interviewer repeating the questiions or getting any reaction shots after the interviews. The options these shots offer are more than worthwhile in production time and would make a big difference, even if only used one or twice.


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    It's nice to see improvement in this video compared to you earlier ones. Have to agree with David about the logo.

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    I understand the point you make with the logo but I put it on there just to get a bit of credit if the films get used on boxing websites.

    Thanks for the feedback guys.

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    If it's used on boxing websites, it has to be with your permission (which you will give so long as they give you credit) or via a link to where you've already posted it - which will have your credentials anyway.

    David didn't suggest you remove it altogether, just move it so it doesn't distract (as it curretnly does) in the first interview and then remove it.

    My take on this issue.

    Why do you want credit? Well, presumably you want people to consider you for some work. Anyone who sees this who is in a position for recommending you or booking you for some work will trace you from your YouTube account or the credits at the end. They're not going to be swayed by a logo which rather spoils the film.

    If you want the logo in order to identify the film if clips are taken and put into someone elses film (which, as you know, is illegal without your assent) then a neater way to do it, in my opinion, with interviews such as this is to create lower thirds which identify the interviewee but also contain the your logo.

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    sure I know the importance of a watermark especially on the tube where there is always someone trying to rip your work, but it has to be toned down it's the most dominate item in frame!

    who knows maybe that's what you wanted
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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    Well Mr Jamie Arthur got it right. Nice video, though lacking a bit of energy, I wonder if you can up the enthusiasm a little bit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stephan View Post
    Well Mr Jamie Arthur got it right. Nice video, though lacking a bit of energy, I wonder if you can up the enthusiasm a little bit.
    Any ideas on how to up the enthusiasm?

    What would you do?

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