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Thread: Video Capture and Output Settings for best quality?

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    Default Video Capture and Output Settings for best quality?

    So I guess there is something wrong with what I'm doing in the process of creating my final video...I don't like the way it looks when played on the computer or tv after I'm done.

    Maybe someone knows a better way??

    Here's what I do:

    I capture via firewire into the "DVIO" capturing software and then run it into Adobe Premiere Pro. From there I edit and and do my color correction. (however I just learned about interpreting footage?? what is that and what does it do??) Anyways, after im done with the video editing I export either the movie into an AVI and run it through TMPGenc to encode it to Mpeg for VCD (since i don't have a dvd burner yet) and well after i burn the disc or just watch the final output of the mpeg, im not very happy with the way it looks. It's just a little to rough on the edges and pixelated.

    I really would like to achieve a smooth film like look, but i think im doing something wrong... Can anybody help me???


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    by the sounds of it, no nothing wrong.

    Your using a camera which im guessing is really good quality digital video.

    Then your burning to a vcd, vcd is pixalated, blury, and no better than a vhs.
    your just going to have to get a dvd burner im afraid.

    But for now, have you tried out putting to svcd?

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    yep, svcd or xxid are your choices at the moment. If you can, export back to DV for when you get a dvd writer.
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