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    Default motion path download?

    Hi. just wondering if there is a way to save motion path and other types of animation for Vegas 10, and if there are any online repositories?

    For example, the standard 'earth quake' camera shake, or the 'big monster coming closer' camera shake that happens every other second or so. Perhaps a slight up and down animation to make a still shot of car look like it's really being driven, bobbing up and down on an uneven road, etc? Or, the 'not very good with a stedicam' effect that would make video shot on a tripod appear to have been shot with a hand held? I'm doing a project with a lot of stills and am looking to spice it up a bit. It would be awesome if there as someplace where people could share these types of things as I'm not really an animator and dont want to spend lots and lots of time and trial and error to create my own. Any suggestions?

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    Not exactly motion paths but if you're talkintg about Vegas 10 Pro, you might like to look at Mayhem by VAAST. (You need Pro because it uses scripts)
    When I bought Mercalli (de shaking plug-in) it came with a sort of reverse effect to shake up still footage.

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