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    Default DVD sticking

    I have been struggling with this for a week now - please help!

    Although when I play the completed DVD on my computer, and there is no problem, when I play it in a DVD it keeps sticking and then recovering.

    I assumed it was the DVD player, so I borrowed a friends, but it is still doing it.

    Could it be any settings in either Vegas Pro (9), or DVD Architect Pro 5, or is it something else?

    I have tried burning the DVD from the standard way in Architect as well as outputting a ISO file and burning the DVD usung Roxio Media Creator...

    I would be grateful for any help!

    My PC is a Sony VAIO and it has 4GB RAM

    I have noticed that when I prepare to burn the image file on Architect, it shows the drive as a DVD+R but I am burning the image file to DVD-R. Don't know if that is significant?

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    What do you mean by sticking?

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    Check the DVD with Nero CD-DVD speed or some other program that will tell you if there are any problems with the DVD media.
    I prefer DVD-R so can't see that will be your problem, it's more likely the quality of the DVD or fingermarks.


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    The +R, -R may be the clue - have you tried the other sort?

    Someone is bound to have one spare and that would rule out that possibility - - - otherwise it's possible you have a batch problem - DVD's are so reliable we think they are perfect, but every-so-often a rogue must get though and then how would you know?

    I imagine you have handled the DVD correctly, etc.

    That they play on the PC rather says there is nothing wrong with the DVD - the recording is OK as far as it goes, but some DVD players can be sniffy - my own PVR only accepts +R , yet looking at the discs they are all much the same....

    I too don't understand yr term "sticking" 0- but presume you don't want it to - - - could this be what I'd call Freezing, as in freeze-frame?
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