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    Default Partial Transition -- Help

    I've got Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9.0

    I'm pretty new to video editing, but I have done one previous project on SVMS9.0 and it worked out pretty well.

    I've hit a bit of a snag with my new project, however.

    What I would like to do is a Dissolve transition from image A to image B, that turns into a Flash transition to image C about halfway through. If it matters, image B is snowflakes on a black background, so the entire effect is supposed to resemble a blizzard fading to white with image C fading in afterwards.

    The reason I want the flash at about the halfway point is that I don't want image A to be completely replaced with the snow on black before the whiteout.

    Right now, my only option seems to be completing the Dissolve transition, then beginning a new Flash transition, which isn't really what I want.

    Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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    Try putting a very short piece of white media above the transition. You will have to zoom in on the time line a lot to get it small, also it will look better if you put a small fade in and out on it.

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    Try this (works in Pro)
    Create your dissolve between A & B.

    Now, else whereon the timeline create a flash transition from a random clip D into C.

    Now delete D.

    If you now grab the top left of C so the cursor becomes segment and drag right - exactly the same as for creating a fade in. You'll notice the fade is labelled "flash". This has created a transition from "transparent" to C.

    Now drop that event (complete with the flash transition) on a track on your timeline above the 2nd part of the dissolve and you've achieved what you wanted.

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