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Thread: Recomend me a camcorder please ?

  1. Default Recomend me a camcorder please ?

    I shoot small bits of car onboards using gopro's which is great for onboard stuff but i need other angles and off car shots which the gopro isnt greatly suited to. I also had an offer to shoot racing which i'd need 4 hd camcorders for to do like a 5 minute summerary for youtube video. I dont have mad money to spend but i would like something that i would have for a few years to come and that would suit my needs.............Anyone have any recomendations as in brand ect..............


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    I have always gone for Panasonics, but Sony make good cameras to as do Canon. I know this sounds dumb but buy the best you can afford. If you can, try and wait untill the end of the summer when the latest batch of cameras will have been released. If you can't wait then I guess knowing your budget would help us to recommend something.

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    I was hoping even 3 hd camcorders for 1000 euro - 1500 euro......................should i pay more. Im trying to get away with something that will do what i want. Doesnt have to be the lates camera on the market.

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    Sony HX9V.

    upto 1080p @ 50FPS. 28MBit
    24mm wide angle all the way upto 380mm zoom.
    within your budget

    decent battery life, ok'ish stills, decent screen, compact, well built .......
    not as feature loaded as a camcorder but as a quick set up, get filming cam, pretty hard to beat at present !

    have a look here>>>Sony HX9V Insider

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    Interesting idea to compacts but isn't there a problem with continuous shooting with them. I don't know the length of the races or the max shooting time but it's something to consider. I'm usually biased toward Panasonics so bear that in mind when I recommend this camera. Well to be honest I'd blow the whole budget on one camera but as that's not practical I would recommend the Panasonic HDC-SD600. It looks to be about the best in it's price range. It will shoot full 1080-50p at 28Mbs. Providing your computer can cope with it.

    Other cameras are available.

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