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    Default Best Render Settings

    So I've been making videos for a while, but now I decided it's time to go for better quality.

    I would like to know what the best possible settings for Sony Vegas Pro 10 are, size doesn't matter, time doesn't matter.

    I've searched for this everywhere, but people seem to use the same settings as I do, which aren't bad, but they're only average.

    I've also heard that if I compressed it to avi or something then used another program would make it best, but I'm only using Sony Vegas, so if you suggest something other than SV, please make sure to explain how to use it or how it works in detail.

    EDIT: Forgot to mention, I'm editing gaming videos.

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    Go to "properties" and to the right of the preset video dimensions, there is a setting where you can match your quality to a clip, so just click on that and find one of the click you were editing with.

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    Well I already knew that, problem is with the render settings, not with properties settings =/

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    JumPROper is actually answering the question.
    So long as you do not care what format you neeed to produce (ie you need MPEG2 for DVD, MP4 for iPhone etc) then the best possible quality will be achieved by rendering to exactly the same settings as your source footage. You can't add "quality", and changing from the original format will require some transformation and therefore it will most likely reduce quality. Ergo: for best quality output - use the same settings as the source.

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