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Thread: DVD I created won't play on any DVD player

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    Default DVD I created won't play on any DVD player

    Hi all,

    I have a problem with viewing any of the DVDs that I have created. I have an AMD 2700+, 160Gb hard drive, 512Mb DDR333 RAM. I am using Pinnacle Studio to capture the video from a DV camera, I then create the DVD interface using Adobe Encore. I select the main menu as the 'first play' and I create the DVD.

    When I test the DVD on my computer it works fine, but when I put the DVD into any standalone DVD player it just will not recognise it.

    I don't know if it's the media i'm using, or some option with Encore. My DVD player is multiregion and the media I am using is unbranded DVD+R.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    Your first step would probably be to check the DVD compatability list over at

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    Default Got it working

    Thanks for that, I was originally using DVD+R, so I bought some DVD-R media as they are meant to be more compatible with set top DVD players. The DVD now runs and works fine!

    One snippet of advice I have to offer is that I have been trying to burn the DVD using Adobe Encore version 1.0, and it kept asking me to insert the next disc even though I chose to make one copy and the size of the project was smaller than the DVD. Because it gave me so much hassle I burned an image of the DVD instead and then took it into Nero 5, I then told Nero to burn the image and it worked successfully. Just a little tip in case other people get the same problems.

    Thanks again!


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    Adobe encore....! no luck at all with burning straight to disk, can only create image then use Nero like you say........
    I like Adobe encore, but it has some bugs.....

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