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Thread: Punching a Wall Test

  1. Smile Punching a Wall Test

    I want to use this in a future video, but first, I need to know if it looks good.

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    And what do *you* think of it? Personally, I think it looks unrealistic.

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    I also think it looks pretty unrealistic I was just wondering what I might be able to do better.

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    IMHO. Although the wall is white, the smashed 'bits' look yellow and blue. The 'bits' look thin, as if they were bits of paper. Not like bits of plaster and brick. At the moment of impact, the entire cameral position moves. We don't get to see the effect of the wall afterwards; so there is no real clue of where the 'bits' emerged from and what has happened to the wall, or your hand.
    If you try it again, I suggest finding a location where there is more light. Consider how to use editing software to apply masks to scenes, to make some areas transparent and to see through to another layer/track/clip.
    Sadly, to make the 'bits' even more believable, they need to be treated as individual 3d objects, not as 2d shapes. And not all software have those functions.

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    Ok thanks, when I get to trying this again after fixing all of these problems I will put the finished video in another post.

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    Yes, lighting needs to be added to your wall pieces. The sizes need to be more random, and have fewer larger pieces.

    Have the larger pieces move slower, and the smaller pieces move fast... about as fast as your punch.

    Also, have better dust particles. Have some behind, in between and on top of the larger pieces. This will help composite everything together.

    Also, add high res motion blurring to the larger pieces.

    Hope that helps!


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    Why go digital? It would be much more realistic to put some flour, some polystyrene and some dried peas in a paper bag, tape it to the doorframe and punch it.

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    Particle colors were off, and that sound would not be created when you punch a wall, more like a thump would be.

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