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Thread: Sony DCR-TRV 14E need help

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    Default Sony DCR-TRV 14E need help

    Ihave a have a Sony DCR-TRV 14E when useing I get a flashing triangle with a line under, center screen which is the eject the cassette I have done this a number of times and it's worked a little then stopped, also in the top right were the counter is, a flashing C:31:23 when looking at the operating instructions it says malfuntion you can service
    Ths problem started for no reason


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    Don't know this camera.
    Have you have tried another tape? you don't say.
    You said: "...malfunction you can service..." don't you mean "...can't service..?"
    otherwise you can SearchEngine the code, and off you go...
    Is there a "revert to defaults" option in the set-up....that might just flush-out any software funnies....if that's what you are suspecting..

    Maybe a call to Sony and a deposit on a repair?

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    Its a Sony Handcam
    I have tried a number of tapes even a bran new one
    no it says in the manual it can be serviced
    will try search engine
    Thanks for infirmation


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