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Thread: New Punch in the Face!

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    Default New Punch in the Face!

    I've been wanting to try something with 'twins' or duplicating myself for a while now. And when I was trying to sleep last night this idea came to me so here we go.

    It was hard to work out what shots I needed and when I was cutting from the split screen to the close ups and vice versa. But I think it came out quite well for minimal planning and the usual one man cast and crew.

    Can anyone tell me which annoying TV advert this is based on?

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    Ahh ! it's that sensodyne toothpaste ad.

    I thought it looked good, the punch was very funny.

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    Close, Colgate sensitive pro-relief. Such a patronising advert and I literally want to punch that grinning woman in the face so much (guess where I got the idea from).

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    Why does the shot with the two yous one in the foreground addressing the camera and one in the background at the table) look wrong? It's almost like you changed focal lengths or something? A bit like te tricks used in (for example) Lord of teh Rings to make people look smaller. Similarly the shots of two of you at the table - the right hand you looks smaller than the left hand you.

    More importantly, how come you get an idea overnight and make a film the next day? It takes me weeks to develop and then abandon the idea.

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    I don't quite see it myself, the background me is smaller just because i'm further away. I'm guessing you mean that somehow the perspective suggests that we're much closer than we actually are and therefore looks wrong that I'm so small. But I don't know. I can kinda see that the right hand me looks a fraction smaller than the left, I think the chair was a little further away as that was the side I needed to access the camera.

    For doing it all myself though, I don't think it came out too bad.

    My excuse for the quick turnaround, I finished a proper work project which has taken ages and I had about 4hrs to sit through an export. So I had the time (and an old mac to capture to and use for the edit).

    I really enjoyed trying my hand at 'twins'. Although I struggled at times with the 8 point garbage mask in FCP, I needed more points! Anyone have any ideas for streamlining this type of composition?

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    Quote Originally Posted by clay_9 View Post
    ..the background me is smaller just because i'm further away...
    Father Ted would be proud of you.

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    Yes, re-reading that I think I need to learn how to more proper talk good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy Lockwood View Post
    Father Ted would be proud of you.
    That was one of the funniest things I've ever seen on TV.

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    I struggled at times with the 8 point garbage mask in FCP, I needed more points! Anyone have any ideas for streamlining this type of composition?
    I eventually got this issue with the 16 point garbage matte in Premiere and learned After Effects, it was the best thing I ever done. For what your doing here it would be great and as I'm sure you know, it does a whole lot more. But eventually for roto work in After Effects there is an essential 3rd party plug in called PV Feather that makes life a whole lot easier, I struggled to believe Adobe considered it a dedicated compositing program without the ability to feather masks in this way for years.

    Without using any further software/plug-ins, if you add an extra track you can do your 8 point mask, then another on the new track, and another if you like and so on.

    I believe Apple Motion can do what you want and I think Boris has a plugin for FCP too.

    It's overkill for what you have there but Imagineer Systems Mocha is the nuts when it comes to roto, e.g. it could handle what your doing but with hand held camera work with ease.

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    Thanks for the advice, I certainly need to get to grips with Motion as I already have that. I have worked with after effects before but can't stretch to purchase that at the moment (although it is the preferred tool of choice).

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