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Thread: DVD Architect Language Problem

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    Default DVD Architect Language Problem

    Im trying to author a dvd using Sony DVD architect.
    It has 6 languages. 4 that require the same footage and 2 that require a time stretched version of that footage.
    If I add the media to my menu page with Language (audio) attached the data is too large for a single DVD.
    If I add the same media but a different audio track to each button DVD Architect Still sees this as seperate files and the data count shows as the same.
    Can anyone tell me how to have the same Video track play for each button yet have a different language selected for each?
    ie How to tell DVD Architect to play the same video clip but a different language depending on which button is selected.
    Thus only having to burn the data of 2 video clips rather than 6 onto the master DVD.
    I want all this to happen directly from my first and only menu page.
    I did start to look at the help menues but it all became a bit of a blur..... and if the "Destination" tab made any sence to me (if only it could have a play media option?) then I may not be begging for help here!!!
    Thanking you all in anticipation!!

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    DVD Architect has a function specifically for adding alternate audio tracks. Start by rendering each of your language tracks as separate files. (You should be rendering your audio separate from the video even if you're only using one audio track.)

    Add your video and the default audio track to your project. Then navigate to that video's timeline -- double-click its button on the menu or in the Project Overview window. Above the timeline, there is a button for adding additional tracks -- which one you click to inset an audio track will depend on your version of DVD Architect. In some, there will be one specifically for that. In others, there's a button with a plus sign for its icon; click that, and you'll get a few options, one of which is to Insert Audio Track. Insert one track for each additional language. Then add a language audio for to each one. You can do this by dragging the file from the Explorer or going to the Media Properties window, Track Media tab, and using the Audio setting to replace the audio for that track. There will be one setting for each audio track you have inserted.

    Lastly, on the track headers (the area on the left of each track) there is a drop-down that, when hovered over, will say "Track Language." You can use this to set a label for each audio track. This is purely informational so that the viewer can differentiate between audio tracks when they use their remote to select a language.

    You will have to do your "time stretched" item separately since that will require a different video.

    Using this method alone, the viewer will be able to use their player remote to choose a language. If you want, you can also add a setup menu so they can use that to change languages. The manual / help menu has good instructions for that (look up "Setup Menu").


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    Default Excellent!

    Thanks Rob, excellent instructions. Everything now working fine and my frustration has somewhat subsided!

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    I'm thinking of printing this out for my Vegas Tutorial folder . . . great stuff.
    Could I ask TWO questions?
    1) Does this instruction work with Architect Studio 5 (this comes with Vegas Studio v 10, recently replaced by v11, which I've not bought).
    2) Does the above (post#2) method work if you wanted two soundtracks in English . . . I can thing there is no reason why not, so I'd have more than one "Voice" track in Vegas, and "mute" the one I don't want.
    (ie I have to Render twice)
    Then only snag I foresee is that I'd end up with different video running-times (assuming one Voice track had more dialogue, perhaps I could cut some of the music. I presume that for this to work, the sound must exactly match the original Video (the "only" video.
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