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    Hiya Folks I'm new here so please be gentle
    We are a (pub Budget) film group from Norfolk UK, we make videos over the weekend and post them on youtube, our latest video series is based on the Terminator franchise.

    Be aware, we have no budget whatsoever, quite a cheap camera and no equipment. But we do try our best.

    here are some links. - Give the series a chance, it is getting better, each episode gets better with quality as its a huge learning curve for us.

    Graham - director, editor, writer

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    Even thought the acting is not all it could be, I really appreciate your efforts in making these and enjoyed watch all 4 episodes.

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    I don't know how Midnight managed it. I struggled to watch Ep 1 for what seemed like ages - not a problem with the technical aspects or the filming which seemed certainly better than the average for someone who says they get better later, but because nothing happened.I don't mean there was simply no action, but there was no scene establishment, no character establishment, no sense of suspense, nothing. I'll press on and watch the others later, primaily on Midbight's recommendation and because you have clearly put a lot of work into this and been learning as you go along. I hope I eat my words later.

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