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Thread: Need info on Network Storage for Video editing

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    Question Need info on Network Storage for Video editing

    My name is Scott and I work for a large Children's hospital in Houston, TX. Our IT department has received a request to provision a workstation for a user that will be doing some very heavy video editing of movies capture from the OR (operating room). These movies will utilize video captured from several different cameras (HD) and they will be compiled into projects. The projects will never really go away, as these will be teaching tools and a future video library. Basically when a project is finished, it is very possible that the user may be asked to use the raw video again and create another project based on it at any time. So, in a nutshell, captured surgeries may be archived, however, they must be available for use at any time.

    Also, this user may soon have a "team" of up to 5 or more users doing the same thing.

    I have specked out a Mac Pro dual processor tower with 24gb ram, a 4TB raid with raid card, and dual video cards with dual 27" apple displays.

    What I am very curious about is network storage. Here at the hospital we already utilize SAN storage and have the ability to house 100's of terabytes of live storage that is backed up regularly. I am not too keen on video editing... I have done some but on a very small scale. My question is... doesn't your storage for Video editing have to be super fast? I mean... just having a dedicated Gigabit switch wouldn't be fast enough for retrieval would it? I was thinking that a 10GB switch or even a Fiber connection would be necessary for the amount of bandwidth needed for rendering and finalizing???

    I am not sure what to do here, because the hospital is going to spend ~$10,000 per workstation and I don't want to implement anything that has huge bottlenecks and that might not be usable... I mean we are spending the money, we want to get it right the first time. Any input would be much appreciated.

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    Assuming that if your spending that kind of money and working with that much HD video you will be using a good/stable/established NLE, you'd probably be best to contact the software company and ask for support/recomendations.


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    Default obvious

    David, I have already contacted Adobe. They recommend Mac XSan storage, but we don't support that at our organization. Anymore tidbits of wisdom? Did you even read my question?

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    Did you even read my question?
    No I just opened a thread and guessed what might constitute an answer that may fit the bunch of words that apeared to be strung together above!!!

    If I was workig with the sort of set up you suggesting I would have two options, do some testing or do as I mentioned before. And for that kind of money the first option would be quickly ruled out.

    If you want to find out if your gigabit switch would be suficient it really all depends on what type and how much work is getting done. It could well be, but that can be a hard thing to test.


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    I would expect the SAN to be used as the main store, but that each User would copy the relevant files to their Workstation for editing. At the end of their session of day, they simply upload any newly edited files back to the SAN for storage. The network traffic would therefore only occur when Users are booking files in or out. Whilst editing, the access speed is whatever the workstation's own disks can handle.
    For the periodic up and downloading of files, depending on your Network, your admin may be able to configure switches to limit your traffic, so as not to overwhelm the entire network.

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