A new boy writes ...

I have run into a problem after videoing a lecture (Camera: Sony Z7 & compact flash card Transcend 400x 16GB). The lecture overran and the card was filled before I stopped the recording. Stupid, I know but half the audience had fallen asleep by then, and I must have been among them.

It means I can't recover the last track from the card. I use MPEG Streamclip to convert from M2T to mov files but, when I try to convert the last track on the card, I get the following message:

"File open error: the last part of the file is not valid".

So it's stuck on the card as an M2T file. Anyone know any tricks for recovering the 4.26GB's worth of data?

There seems to be various Compact Flash Card recovery software available but it appears to be for deleted files or corrupted discs. I don't know what the technical term is for my situation but it doesn't appear to be covered by the software I've come across.

I'd appreciate any suggestions.