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Thread: Noob frustrated :( software premier cs4

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    Default Noob frustrated :( software premier cs4


    i have never used any editing package before. i find myself needing to fix a vdo file with corrupt audio.

    now i have one file that has good vdo and corrupt audio. luckly i found another copy that has ok audio but the vdo isnt all that good. so i want to take the audio and patch up the first file in places where the audio turns to noise.

    file A details ( good vdo bad audio)

    644 X 484 (1.0) avi
    22050 Hz - 16bit Mono

    file B details ( bad vdo good audio)

    400 x 267 (1.0) flv
    22050Hz - compressed - Mono

    now im using Adobe Premier CS4

    i managed to get both the files in the timeline and deleted the data i didnt need.

    problem im having is that when i watch the preview in the monitor the flv file plays ok but the avi file flickers... i dont know why it happens maybe im not using the correct setting for the project??

    playback settings??

    i tried converting the avi using QT as an mov and tested it and that worked fine (no flickering)

    honestly i want to simply fix the bad parts of audio and avoid any conversions into the same format before i can make a single file.

    turning out to be a very big problem :(


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    I have seen flickering a few times and this is when I was using a .flv file with a codec that premiere was picky about. This is why, when you converted the file to an mov, you used a different codec... a codec that premiere had no trouble playing.

    The easiest solution would be to do a batch render in Adobe Media Encoder (I'm assuming you have a lot of files and that's why you don't want to convert them one by one). ONce you convert them to a more suitable codec, then you can edit them in premiere.

    One other note: Be sure your audio sample rates are the same between 2 clips when replacing the audio or video. Example: If one file's audio is at 32K sample rate, and the second is at 44.1K, the timing is different and after about 8 minutes into your footage, you'll notice the audio lagging behind and becomes out of sync with your video.

    Hope that helps.


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