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Thread: Skateboard Commercial for a local skateshop | Skateboarding vs. Chess Play

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    Default Skateboard Commercial for a local skateshop | Skateboarding vs. Chess Play

    I shot a commercial last weekend for a local skateshop, Shifty Skateshop in Holland.
    The idea was quite tricky, but it turned out really great. I'd like to hear what you think about it!
    Check it out:

    For more:
    Erik Journée (ErikJournee) on Twitter

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    very nice erik !

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    Agreed, very nice.

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    nicely shot, nice and tight framing..

    I'm not that keen on the additive dissolves, but that's just me i fell out of favor of those sorts of transitions a long time back now. Others may well enjoy them
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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    Smooth, polished, slick and well thought through
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    For the first time, I feel that I have an 'expert' opinion to add to a conversation on these forums, because I work in video advertising.

    I loved the concept, and the call to action to 'support your local shop' in the face of huge supermarkets and inner city retailers, that offer pretty much everything at lower prices than local retailers can manage.

    I do however wonder if the chess link is more suited to an older audience (like me) than the teen audience who are going to buy skate-boards. I would hope you would know that better than I though, so let's move on.

    I agree with the above comments that the advert is well shot and put together, but I can't help wonder how you are going to get enough people in the target market (people who live locally to that store, and who love to skate) to watch the video in he first place?

    It’s an advert, and so by definition it has to be exposed to a number of potential clients in order to work. I have a few ideas on how you might be thinking of making that happen, which are as follows:

    1. A stand-alone video, that you are planning to upload to video sharing sites and hope people will find through a combination of search and link posting on ''skate-boarding' websites? If so, the number of potential customers / plays is likely to be low, because there are a billion videos watched every day, and to get stand-out will be extremely difficult. There is nothing wrong with that as a part of a marketing-mix, but the client is likely to look at the cost of the production v the number of inquiries, and in this instance I would imagine the perceived value for money will be poor. I of course hope I am wrong on that though - potential viewership of online videos is notoriously hard to forecast!

    2. Is it designed to be placed as a pre-roll advert, i.e. a TV style advert that runs before another piece of content? If so, the advert is way too long. You need to edit to be 20 seconds or less, if that is the route you plan to take in order to get your target market to watch this advertising message.

    So, to recap. I love the work on the video but I worry how you will get enough people to watch your great work in order to make a difference to the sales at your retailer.

    I hope that was of some help.

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