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Thread: Rendering Stops But Time Continues

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    Angry Rendering Stops But Time Continues

    I am using Sony Vegas 10C x64 build 470. Trying to render .m2ts files it stops rendering at 11% I tried both Sony AVCHD and MainConcepts, along with computer restarts. You can tell because frames stop rendering/changing and my system temps drop back down to idle (about 20F less then rendering) but the time remaining continues to count down, any idea what it is this time? *sigh*
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    I just recently solved a ton of my rendering problems because I was slightly overclocked on my CPU! I can reach the same temps stably without it overclocked by 0.1GHz

    Others may try general heat issues on their CPU, goodluck!
    Why am I an editor? ...because I'm a bad filmer!
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