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    Default 2 camera editing

    I need recommendation for software which will allow me to view 2 video tracks of the same scene;[ preferably one upper and the other below] then be able to select sequences between the 2 tracks and paste into a final set of sequences making the final version. Any suggestions?

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    Look up "multicam editing". Avid Media Compsoer, Final Cut pro, Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas all do this, as I'm sure do many others. But check what versions of the software has the capability e.g. Premiere Elements doesn't, Premiere Pro does.


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    Interestingly, I read this slightly differently to David.
    David's response is absolutely correct if you really want to play through and watch the output from both cameras at the same time in realtime.
    If, on the other hand, you just need to be able to line up the output from two cameras on the timeline and flip between the two but not in real time (ie scrub through a section comparing the output of one and then the other and then decide where to switch) then anything which allows two or more video tracks (including Premiere Elements) will do the trick.

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    Definately, you can do it with any NLE that has more than one track by toggling on and off the upper tracks visibility. I done it years ago in Premiere (before they introduced multi cam editing) with a 3 camera edit. It was a real pain and taken ages, but the result was there and if it's just 2 tracks it wouldn't be nearly as bad.


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    In still do this in Vegas, I use the Z key to mute the track and sometimes use 1/2 opacity or do a pip for the track and reset when finished

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    ...a pip for the track and reset when finished
    Nice, that's an excellent idea.


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    Thanks fellas for your input. i can get away with toggling between 2 tracks on the timeline , so i should probably download Premiere Elements and see if it will do the trick for me.
    appreciate the help

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