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Thread: Philadelphia Cheese Cake Cooking Video

  1. Default Philadelphia Cheese Cake Cooking Video

    The video was created for the Philadelphia Cream Cheese Contest.​current-contests

    Editor: Justin Everest

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    A couple of things which will make your next production a little better. Try and turn off the auto focus on your camera if you can. The other and most important thing is that sound was not good in this video. Yes you could make out what the cook was saying but that's about all. There where many background hums etc. spoiling it. When you went onto the in refrigerator cam You should have not used that sound but put in some other recorded sound. The over loud clanking make the piece very amateurish. Also try and balance the sound from the different shots. ie. long shots humming sound, close up shot no humming.

    Hope this helps your next production.

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    Colour balance could have been greatly improved also
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