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Thread: Red Path (slow motion 300fps Canon 550D)

  1. Smile Red Path (slow motion 300fps Canon 550D)

    "slow motion, dramatic, warm, heartfelt, build to a tragic ending"

    Red Path

    watch better quality at vimeo

    Directed by Febian Nurrahman Saktinegara

    Starring Alfiah Rahdini, Agung Bezharie and Nadia Elok Putranti

    Videographer: Febian Nurrahman Saktinegara
    Assistant Director: Anindi Maulidya
    Camera Assistant: Aldy Fakhreza
    3D Animation: Andira Maqdissa Gusti
    Editor & Compositor: Febian Nurrahman Saktinegara

    Music by Carly Comando

    Camera Equipment: Canon 550D, Tokina AT-X 116 PRO DX

    Location: Bandung Institute of Technology, Bandung, INDONESIA
    Year: 2010

    Special thanks to Andrew Kramer, Khairul Umam, Ahmad Nursalim and Raissa Rahma Sarastri

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    I liked your idea but I found the editing confusing. I don't think you set up the scene properly. I couldn't tell who was who with the close ups. Also what was those things floating up.

    If you Google the 180 rule this might help for your next project.

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