Hi all,

Ive been banging my head off the wall with this problem for a couple of days now.

I am trying to convert the mpg files that my CCTV dvr creates to dvd format but with the audio included. I have tried just about every free and demo conversion tool there is and I can get the video to play on my stand alone dvd player no problem but so far I have been unable to get the audio track on the same file to play along with it.

I have uploaded a 2 minute sample file of the files I am trying to convert to my webspace so it can be downloaded easily


within the rar you will find the file im trying to convert to dvd format with video and audio and also the only player of which comes with the CCTV dvr that seems to work...I was e-mailed this player by the CCTV companies tech support guy.

You will need to install the CCTV dvr program, go to the install directory, run CmsPlayer.exe, open the file included within the rar file so it plays, right click on the screen and turn on audio so you can hear the sound (random tv program audio along with video of my back garden)

If anyone can help me out here I would greatly apreciate it..as I cant afford to buy another CCTV dvr