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Thread: Can Premier Pro (or anything else) Do This...???...(need help w/ FAST photo montage!)

  1. Default Can Premier Pro (or anything else) Do This...???...(need help w/ FAST photo montage!)

    well folks...

    i'm really in trouble.

    i moved sony vegas (8.0) from my office pc to my recording/mastering studio's audio pc...(w/ it's quad IV cpu & tons of RAM)

    & now...after moving along quite nicely...all of a sudden the project video screen (lower right) went completely RED...& the project doesn't repond to ANY controls...!!!...seized up tighter than a duck's protuberance.

    (just like it did on my office pc)

    I rebooted the machine, but that didnt help

    so...i'll never make my deadline...on a very important dynamic photo montage i'm constructing for my brother's 50th wedding

    I know premier pro is wonderful for movie editing/creating...but...can it do a dynamic photo montage...???...the kind where one photo image transistions to the next...(w/ music)...& if so...does it have great transition effects & fades & text features (for that job) such as scrolling titles, etc...???

    if not...can someone recommend me a program that DOES (in the vein of sony vegas)...???



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    Premier Pro will do all you need.
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