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Thread: please help lots of you saw the orginal question no one replied!

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    Default please help lots of you saw the orginal question no one replied!

    I posted this question many viewed it no one replied though! here it again

    Hopefully some of you know how to do this simple word text effect using Premiere pro as in the moving text effect of the words that slide in and out in the beginning of this youtube link and at the end:

    Really hoping you can help out guys.... I am new to video editing just got hold of prem Pro CS5 and I would like to know how to go about doing this using Prem pro i.e those word sentence effects sliding in and out above each other and coming in from off the screen on the colored background etc,

    ( I think this chap used standard preset using his apple mac and on board final cut video software to get his text doing this apparently a standard simple preset that software can luckily do with a mouse click! which I emailed him and asked)
    also at the end there are words that have a magic sprinkle effect star burst type effect which would also be neat to perhaps be able to do

    That said, the sliding text effect I am sure something very similar could be done using Prem Pro etc I am not sure how to go about doing it and would dearly love to know.... !

    yes I understand inside Prem pro it probably involves having to do with using key frames ( new to me anyway!) but still not sure how to do it the way this chap did his and how the sentences slide in from off the screen and over each in opposite directions etc and get similar nice fonts as he used!

    Wow just so annoying that something so simple and many out there using Prem pro would no doubt find highly useful for this effect in and of itself, gosh yet know one seems to cover how to do simple but neat basic effect within Prem pro... (youtube etc)

    hence hoping one of you would just maybe know and have some ideas step by step or better still a video tut?

    hopefully you can help please a few of you...
    Many thanks

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    I don't use Prem Pro BUT it took me two mins to find this tutorial on YouTube.

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    I agree Midnight. I use it often...Youtube is packed with beginner to advanced tutorials on Premier Pro, Sony Vegas and anything else if you look for it.
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