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Thread: Ethical code of conduct for film festivals.

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    Default Ethical code of conduct for film festivals.

    There is a new organisation, the Universal Film & Festival Organisation which was formed because of the scam film festivals operating all over the world.

    They created a 10 Point Film Festival ethical Code of Conduct with the collaboration of filmmakers and festival directors. It is in the interests of all filmmakers to support this and comment on the code of conduct.

    So get involved.

    Membership of UFFO is free


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    The links in the post are wrong, they point to "". I assume they were intended to be "".
    Thanks for letting us know about the organisation, even though the site left me in howls of laughter and disbelief.

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    I've noticed a couple of links recently that go to could it something to do with the forum software, possibly connected to the same bit of software that automatically puts links on certain key words.

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