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Thread: Codec for Net Transfer to edit ????

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    Default Codec for Net Transfer to edit ????

    I need to transfer DV 720x480 footage to a client over the web and they will need to edit it. I tested using cinepak scalled to 320x240 from a laptop, but the footage appears to transfer with blocky data chunks missing in the footage.

    Any Thoughts


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    First off, editing heavily compressed footage isn't the easiest of tasks, so this would be a main stumbling block if the end user needs frame accurate cuts.

    Secondly, you'll get the best compression whilst maitaining high quality using either DivX, Xvid or WMV. Because its compressed you will see a drop in quality - and the smaller the file sizes, the lower the bitrate/resolution and the lower the quality.

    How long are your clip(s) and how small do they need to be?
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    The clips I'm transfering are between 3 and 5 min. long. After transfer they will be edited down and compresed again with Sorensen Squeeze and exported as a Flash .swf.

    The video for transfer should be as small as possible for transfer without quality loss that disrupts the picture in such a way that white digital blocks flicker on the fotage. Color loss is fine and understandable, but digital flickers and blocks are not.

    Thanks for your help!!!


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