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Thread: Transferring Hi8 tapes to P.C

  1. Lightbulb Transferring Hi8 tapes to P.C

    Hi, I have a load of old Hi8 tapes that I want to transfer to my P.C to edit, and then to burn to DVD.

    To achieve this I'm hoping to buy a Hi8 Camcorder with Firewire for transfer to P.C.

    Would I be able to transfer Hi8 tapes direct to P.C this way? Or would I need to convert the Hi8 signal from analogue to Digital first? And if so how would I achieve this?

    Thanks in advance for any advice....................

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    There is a small hardware/Software package on the market that I used a couple of years ago to do just that. It changes the signal from anaolgue to digital while transferring it to the PC. it was around 40. I've moved house and had a couple of new computers since then and have mislaid a few things but I'm sure you could Google it.
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