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Thread: Good lavalier mics for interviews/video depositions?

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    Default Good lavalier mics for interviews/video depositions?


    I need to record video depositions for court cases, and I'm looking for some wired lavalier mics and a small mixer to plug right into my video camera. I've looked around the internet, but I haven't really found what I'm looking for, I'm not really sure the exact models of mics to buy. They need to be good quality, budget is around $100 (give or take a bit, although I'm still open to more expensive suggestions) for each mic (I need 4), and I don't want them to pick up lots of extraneous noise. The mics we use now pick up noises from crumpling papers more than the people's voices, so I want to eliminate that.
    I also need a small mixer to put these into, and then plug the mixer into the video camera. I've been looking at a 4-channel Behringer unit which seems to get good reviews, but I'm also open to other suggestions.

    Thanks a lot! I know it's a long question haha

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    Audio Technica cabled tie clip mics (20) each. I can highly recommend a Behringer 4 channel mixer. Should be able to get a used one for 30-40 quid on ebay.
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