hello all (again)...

[running Sony Vegas Movie Studio 8.0]

I have a project which MUST be done by thursday midnite...& need help:

it's a dynamic photo presentation, the type w/ moving effects on the still still photos as they appear & disappear...so...

1) was wondering: i have 250 photos; & want the movie to run about 1 hour...so...is there a quick way to add ALL my photos (back-to-back-to-back, etc.) at 15 seconds total display time each...???

1B)...(& then add the effects to the beginning & ending of that 15 seconds...???)

2) I scanned all my photos & slides in a high resolutions...so i'm hoping to set the movie up for 16/9 (wide screen). can this be done...???

3) after it's constructed, what's the best movie format to save in...in order to be able to display the movie on HD, LED flat screen TV's...???

thanx very much,