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    Default dedicated video editing kjeyboard

    im in the market for a new keyboard. i prefer wireless but open to suggestion. considering i dont use keyboard short cuts in premier .... would a dedicated video keyboard be of any use to me ? do they speed up the editing process at ALL ?

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    ...not if you already know the short cuts

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    An observation.
    Standard input devices (keyboard and mouse) assume the User is only thinking of doing one thing at a time. In some conditions, the User may prefer to feel they are performing simultaneous actions.
    In the world of Midi, it is common to have a midi keyboard (i.e. all the traditional b/w notes) but also to include switches, dials and sliders. I guess with specialist 'video' keypads there is still the learning and setting up of 'what button/dial/slider' does 'what'. Whilst time gets spent on learning and configuring the device, the results could greatly speed up some operations. For example, if one dial effected a clips XY position and another dial affected the zoom, then the User gets a neat way to fiddle with both parameters, 'at the same time', using a couple of physical knobs.
    However, unless someone really had a need for such control, it strikes me that Marc Peter's method is a whole lot easier and quicker.
    I watched a clip recently of someone using a Wacom pad to control parts of Premiere. It did not really seem worthwhile.

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    Strangely enough I use a wacom pad for everything I do except for editing, even web browsing. I never used to have a mouse at all, but since I started using keyboard shortcuts the pen became a hindrance.

    If you don't use keyboard shortcuts a dedicated keyboard will be no use to you, but I'm pretty sure if you got one youd sart to use them and speed up your editing process.

    I used to have a wirelss keyboard with a touch pad to the right side where the numeric keypad normally is, I stuck shortcut stickers on it Video Editing Keyboards - The full range of Final Cut Pro Keyboard, Premiere Keyboard, Avid Keyboard, Sony Vegas and more and found it faster than working with a mouse, but to do without the numeric keypad was a nightmare. I've since considered a wacom pen and touch full keyboard combination.

    You could try the stickers ad see how you get on with them.


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