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Thread: Rendering and Uploading Issues!! HELP

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    Exclamation Rendering and Uploading Issues!! HELP

    Okay, so I edited out my skate video I've been putting together with little clips and so I save the video. Then I go to render as and render it under .wmv . Usually it takes 15 -30 minutes for a video to render, but this time it rendered instantly. I'm talking like 2 seconds instantly. Well I thought it was done, but when I try to upload it to Facebook the video wont process. And when I go to YouTube It presumably uploads and processes in only a couple of seconds again. I go to look for the video to see that it hasn't uploaded. Whats going on?? What can I do to upload the video? I don't want to go back to Windows Movie Maker!! Please help! Thank you!

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    You clearly haven't rendered it. Look at the wmv file on our computer - what size its it?
    Anyway, my guess is you have set to render "selection region only" and have selected only a tinly piece of teh timeline.

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    Thanks. And how do I un-set it from "selection region only". And it is 61kb

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    When you click on the render As button. The screen that comes up has some tick box options at the bottom. One of them is labled Render loop region only, un-tick that box.

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