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    Sony has introduced a new DSLR into the market- the Alpha SLT-A35. Know Iím not a Sony DSLR guy, but the great thing about this puppy is that itís smaller than an SLR, yet compatible with SLR lenses.

    For those who are curious, the A35 does HD video. 1080p at 60i and 30p (h.264, 17 Mbps, AVCHD). However NO 24 fps! I canít believe that they didnít include something that is now so standard! Maybe they donít want to cannibalize their own market share, or maybe they just donít have a pulse on what consumers want. Who knows.

    For those who can stand 60i, the good news is that it will have AF in video mode, something that Canon should start to implement in their DSLRís!

    More photos and info at New Sony DSLR | Fliques Osman

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    looks nice, but at trhat price point .....its a very competative corner of the market !

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