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Thread: WolfStar Pictures Presents - Japfest 2011

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    Default WolfStar Pictures Presents - Japfest 2011

    Hey everyone

    its come that time again where all my hard work and commitment is all summed up in one short film.

    Tim and Midnight, i hope ive shown improvements based on your earlier feedback.

    Japfest 2011.


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    Much imporved.

    Well done.

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    thanks midnight! Tim's verdict?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Airwolf View Post
    thanks midnight! Tim's verdict?
    A big improvement with the camerawork and choice of shots. The editing was slicker too. I also liked to hear the ambient sound - it added a lot to the track shots in particular.
    I didn't like the speeding up between shots - I'm not opposed to them, it's just that it file like we were just being fast forwarded through the poor footage until we came to some ore good stuff, rather than it was planned. As an example, where it does work is the shott of the Toyota at 1:27/1:33, you could actually stop the shot at any point during the sped up bit and still have a good shot. In most other cases you couldn't.
    The edit just before that shot was poor. We get a promising shot following a path up the body of a guy posing by his car but you cut the shot before his face comes fully into frame: you build up towards a climax that never comes.
    It did leave me with a feeling of rather too many different types of transition. It's best to stick to one or two.
    But a big step in the right direction.

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