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Thread: Video judders between scenes

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    Default Video judders between scenes

    I'm trying my first attempt at editing and need help please.
    I bought a sony camcorder which produces an .mpg file for every scene you take. I've used Ulead Video Studio 11 to stitch them all together into a single file.
    I used the option to create the output the same filetype as the first clip.
    Where the scenes are joined together the final video shudders for a fraction of a second but its quite noticable. Its as though the 2 scenes are overlayed over each other.
    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Is this on playback or after it has been rendered
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    After its been rendered. If I play the project in Video Studio its fine - no judder.
    When I play the final .mpg file in VLC or Windows Media Player I get the judder between scenes.
    Its as though the one video is overlaid over the second for a fraction of a second.
    I'm new to this so I selected "Same as first video clip" when creating the video file.

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