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    I did a little 2 min film with my 8 yr old son for a competition - about 'being 50' . It was for fun, really, and we enjoyed it (it didn't take long to do) - and now I'm wondering how we can improve things, as I've posted a few youtube videos since, and obviously I know very little about this sort of stuff!

    here's the link - woud be grateful if you could give (constructive ) criticism! many thanks.

    YouTube - ‪crezylegscrane's Channel‬‏
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    also, can you show mw how to embed a video? Thanks

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    Firstly to embed a video just post the URL of the video (not the youtube channel) and the forum software will do the embedding,

    Your video:

    When filming someone talking to camera it's a good idea to have the camera at eye level unless you are going for some sort of special dramatic feel about the piece. The other big thing is the sound. As a musician, I'm sure you understand how to record good sound and the importance of it being clear and clean. Example the shot in the house you can hear the rooms influence on the recording. Get a separate mic and get it in close, when your on stage you stand near the mic and not a few feet away from it don't you. Something like a clip-on mic, like you would see on news readers on the telly or a mic on a stand just out of shot would work. The built in mics on most camcorders are not very good at recording sound like this. At best they are only good for recording ambient sounds.

    Practise using the manual settings on the camera. This will help you get a better image. Although the image quality is quite good on the sample you posted.

    Most importantly remember why you started making videos was to have fun, so don't forget that.

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    thanks, that's helpful - yes I realised the sound was quite poor at times (especially outside, and a bit echo like at times inside) - how do you use an external microphone and a camera together? (ours is a 'point and shoot' digital camera with video taking facility - panasonic is the make)

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    does this work?

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    yes, great, the embedding issue is sorted! thank!

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    On some camcorders there is a mic socket, if there is a socket on yours it will be a mini jack socket. If you don't have one you will need a separate recording device. I have a Zoom H4n which I sometimes use. You can match the sound and images together quite easily in most video editing programs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    I have a Zoom H4n which I sometimes use.
    Which is a great device but if you find it a bit pricey for something which is mainly "fun" at the moment, the Zoom H2 is superb at about half the price (there are good reasons it is cheaper - build quality - it is more "plasticy", doesn't take XLR connectors (although it will take external mic via 3.5mm jack) and doesn't have nearly as good a display) but the sound quality is certainly comparable. It is also much smaller/lighter. I've not used one, but I suspect the H1 is every bit as good (it just has one pair of mics instead of two)

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