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    Well, my girlfriend and I decided to make a video for a Workplace Safety video contest. The prizes is $1000 for first, $750 for second and $500 for third, so why not? Well we recently shot the footage, and I just finished editing it and making the background music. For someone that does not know how to play guitar, it was pretty interesting . I would appreciate any input, thanks. By the way, I am not the guy in the video.

    Oh and the feathered edge on one of the scenes looks horrible compressed, but looks fine normally.

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    Thats really impressive - I like it a lot - Well done and good luck in the competition!

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    Thank you for feedback!

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    Is there anything you guys would change or fix? Just trying to get it top notch before putting it on DVD.

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    Love it. Well done.
    I especially like the guitar track. It really works!
    (I might even steal that idea for an upcoming project of my own)

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    I liked it, very effective. Monochrome too!

    Mr Mills won't like the monochrome effect!

    Hope you win the comp.

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    Very well done Frobbie.

    Loved the video and the message comes across clearly and powerfully. I personally love the B/W look and feel. More dramatic in this circumstance.

    Wish you well with the competition but a $1000 with a girlfiend will not go very far I am afraid this day and age.

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    I thought it was good, a simple idea done really well. I agree with Turnmedia about the music too, very well suited. And the B&W was equally fitting.

    Got to be in with a good chance of bagging the prize money I reckon.
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    Thanks guys. About the guitar track-I dragged my brothers amp and guitar up and down two flights of stairs, put it on my bed, put a computer microphone near the amp, and recorded. Real professional haha. I used a magic bullet preset called "Bistro" along with the black and white effect. Im really pleased with the turnout. It's my first completed project, besides little webcam commercials with trolls. Dont ask

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