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Thread: BALI DAY LAPSE - A Timelapse video from Bali, INDONESIA

  1. Smile BALI DAY LAPSE - A Timelapse video from Bali, INDONESIA

    Title: Bali Day Lapse
    Director: Febian Nurrahman Saktinegara
    Producer: Arie Naftali Hawu Hede
    Year: 2011
    Duration: 00:03:48

    Production Still

    This video was recorded throughout the trip in Bali from 2 to 6 June 2011. Approximately 48 hours to capture all these photos which amounted to 4000+ still images. The process of filming included a variety of famous landmarks in Bali, Indonesia i.e. Kuta, Legian, Tanjung Benoa, Sanur, Uluwatu, GWK Park, Tanah Lot, Bali, Tampaksiring (Pura Tirta Empul).

    It tooks 3 days for editing process in which I tried to utilise the "motorize slider effect" using "masking" in Adobe After Effects. Colour Correction was done with Adobe Premiere Pro.

    Canon 5D Mark II
    Canon 24-105mm F4L
    Singh-Ray Vari-ND Slim Filter
    SLIK Sprint Pro II GM Tripod

    Director, Editor: Febian Nurrahman Saktinegara
    Producer: Arie Naftali Hawu Hede
    Music: Uplifting Cinematic Music from CapoProductions

    Bali Daylapse Video

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    I liked that.

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    Very good. I'm really into timelapse at the moment and love the look of Bali. I think your edit worked well with the music, was well timed and a good use of editing effects. In my opinion (only my opinion) i prefer the timelapses to have a sharper image.

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    Thank you Midnight Blue and Large for your appreciation

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