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Thread: Rendering slows down after 50/51%

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    Default Rendering slows down after 50/51%

    Hey all,

    I'm currently running Vegas Pro 9e and I'm having some hiccups. After 50/51% during my render it bogs down and renders 30 frames and pauses for 2 seconds then does the same thing again till 100%. From what I've noticed, it does that after going back to frame 0/1. The CPU percentage drops down to 25% from 70% and it triples my rendering time. Is this normal? Is it rechecking the file? I tried changing my rendering types from CBR(Two pass) to Quality VBR and Bit rate VBR. All of which results in the same issues after 50% of rendering time.

    I didn't have this issue with my older processor which was a Dual Core E6400.

    I'm currently running Vegas pro 9e in Windows XP 32 bit. Vegas9 process set to High
    My file is only 2m28s and it's taking 22/30 minutes to render!(depending on CBR Two pass or VBR)

    Processor: Intel Q9505 2.83GHZ
    RAM: 3GB
    HDD: Seagate 320GB, Samsung Spinpoint 640GB, Western Digital Blue Caviar 1000GB

    My current project settings are WMV 720P and I'm rendering out to 720P as well
    And my source/original files are M2T at 1920x1080i.
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    Anyone with any helps or tips?

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    It sounds like you have 2 pass rendering selected. Look in the custom options to adjust this to single pass but you may find you are getting a better render with 2 pass selected.

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    yep 2 pass render will be 1 pass at 50%

    if on single pass, then is there a track change at that time?

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    So two passes would make vegas just bog down to a 30 frame render every few seconds after 50%? That's interesting.

    As for track change, there isn't, I did notice it goes back to frame 1 and renders the file again but i was surprised to how it does the 2nd pass. It makes the render time double with the CPU going as low as 25%.

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