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Thread: Wildlife video from Costa Rica

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    Default Wildlife video from Costa Rica

    Dear all,
    As a new member of the present video forum I would be very grateful for comments on this video clip of ours showing some wildlife from Costa Rica:
    YouTube - ‪FotoBiota's Channel‬‏

    Thanks in advance. Cheers!

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    Some stunning scenery, flora and fauna, all very nicely shot and put together sympathetically with the music.
    The clue is in the credits "Camera and montage by..." for that's what it is - a montage, but I couldn't help thinking it could have been, maybe should have been, a bit more than that.
    As a montage it's probably a bit too long, but with a bit more of a narrative it might hold attention better and the audience get even more out of it.

    At present the sequence of clips seem rather random. We see some birds, some mamals, some land scape, some plants, we're at a beach, some more birds, a river, a photographer, a beach, some plants....if there is any logic to the structure of this, my guess is that these are shots grouped by location, but this isn't obvious to the viewer. This would certaily be one way of structuring the shots to give it more of a narrative. If you go down this route but don't have enough "location" shots (ie road signs, town signs and scenery shots) consider using a map between "episodes".

    Alternatively you could structure it by grouping the wildlife by environment - show, say a few beach shots, then show the types of wildlife you discovered around the coastline - ditto for lake scenes and inland scenes (and rocky ones?)

    Similarly you could group by animal type (birds, mammals, reptiles, plants) but now we're getting more into documentary territory where the audience might expect at least captions, if not a narration.

    My only other comment is that at times, you were cutting to the beat rather rigidly (ie cutting on every bar) which can become hypnotic, try to vary it a bit more (as you have done in some places). In one instance, either in order to cut to the beat or because you'd paused your camera, we had a lovely shot of one bird take off and another land, but it really needed a second more as you cut just as the second bird landed.

    All in all, though, a very enjoyable film. The comments at the end were of interest and I wondered whether they might have been better placed at the beginning - especially the fact that you'd filmed in dozens of locations (though not necessarily listing them at the beginning).

    I'm sure it'll hold great memories for you. Thanks for sharing.

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