is there anybody there (knock once for yes, twice for no)

seriously tho' does anybody know of any simple and free software that is sure to setup RWs back to the condition they were when they came out of the box (not withstanding physical condition problems).

To explain: i record a lot of TV straight to dvd, i then look at them and then I may decide to keep the recordings by copying them on my Windows7 pc, straigh to _/+Rs.

I use the 'standard'NERO software that come free with the PC (restricted function ? no options etc).

I then reuse the RWs typically by erasing the old titles on the DVD ( a modern Sony featuring VR as well as Video).

On a number of occassions I have ended up with RWs that can no longer be used, the Sony says it cann't record on them. It also won't let me format, unfinalise or finalise them.

(I somtimes copy back to the RW volumes when 'splitting up' back to back recordings of different shows on the same disc.)

Thanks in advance